Architects Of Group Genius, Harvard University Graduate School of Design - Executive Education

Maurizio Travaglini

Maurizio is the founder of Architects of Group Genius, a consulting practice dedicated to helping organizations solve complex problems through “co-design” – a topic that lies within the blurred boundaries of innovation, change, learning, and collaboration.

Maurizio has designed, produced, facilitated, and documented over 200 co-design experiences in over 30 countries, across five continents, dealing with a variety of strategic, complex and adaptive challenges, from strategy formulation to leadership development, from individual and group learning, to conceiving and launching new products, services, and policies.

Since 2014, Maurizio has also taught in the Executive Education Department of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), as the Academic Lead of the Leadership and Design Thinking Program and the IndyProject Program (the latter is part of the GSD’s Advanced Management Development Program). Since 2015, he has served as Adjunct Faculty Member and Academic Lead for Learning_Labs in the Executive DBA Program of the Ècole des Ponts Business School in Paris. In 2016 he participated as a Forum Fellow at the Davos Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.

Before founding his practice, Maurizio spent over a decade in management and consulting roles at international companies and served as Director of the World Economic Forum Davos Annual Meeting Program.

Maurizio is the co-author of ‘Unlocking the Slices of Genius in Your Organization,’ part of the Harvard Business School Centennial publication Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice (2010).