Gail Taylor

Gail Taylor brings more than five decades of experience in group facilitation, instructional design and experiential learning to Tomorrow Makers. Gail uses a synergistic approach to link diverse parties, dissolve blocks of unhealthy competition, build trust and enable organizations and communities to tap into tacit and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Gail’s work has ranged from early childhood education to global corporations, start-up enterprises, not-for-profits and communities.  In all circumstances Gail recognizes the dormant creativity within the group and awakens it to move forward toward healthy goals and new ways of working together.

Tomorrow Makers is a non-profit corporation developed to work with communities to help them bring about transformational changes. They work with leaders, communities and organizations on how to design, facilitate and engage in collaboration in order to address complex and critical challenges at three entangled, but harmonious, levels: 1) global, 2) community, and 3) individual.