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This upCREATION experience is designed for people who are developing mastery in their practice and are exploring new ways to augment it.

Idealistic entrepreneurs, revolutionary public servants, unconventional managers, restless consultants, unorthodox facilitators, far reaching designers, disobedient educators, subversive innovators, concerned investors, and audacious artists are invited to join us if they are eager to expand their capacities, increase their impact, and become the best expression of themselves.

Is It Time To Augment Your Practice?

The idea

upCREATION is self-organization that brings forth an emergent level of complexity that encompasses, without destruction, the previous lower levels of organization. In the right circumstances, self-organization can often legitimately be called self-creation. Without an outside agent, the parts cohere into a new organization that brings forth an ‘emergent’ level or self not present before. Since the new emergent level of complexity encompasses, without destruction, the previous ‘lower’ levels of organization, I call this self-creation of higher levels ‘upCREATION.’

Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants, 2009

Should You Face New Levels Of Complexity?


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This experience will invite you to explore the most relevant perspectives on complexity, change, design, leadership, learning and innovation. The theory and practice of upCREATION will be your focus, as you will be guided through your own enquiry about better ways to tie together new theories, unorthodox processes, and radically new models.

The ability to understand and interpret context is entangled with a capacity to lead, innovate, follow and play with others. Teaching and learning with and from each other within different kinds of contexts will be “the work.” Leading and facilitating will become one. Study and design will merge. Mastery and apprenticeship in multiple and different practices will entwine, forming new relationships and opening up new, adjacent possibilities. An upCREATION experience will provide the opportunity to challenge your assumptions, explore new domains, redesign your path, and augment your practice.

Is It Time To Refocus Your Enquiry?


We will be working in the context of one of the greatest libraries in the world, and as we prepare ourselves to augment our individual practices, it is important that we engage in an open and active “conversation” with the thinkers, doers, theorists and practitioners who have been most influential for the development of the domains where our practices are unfolding. We are standing on the shoulders of many remarkable people. Their ideas and actions have consistently led the way forward to a greater good. The members of this Invisible College have stepped forward over time, to steer and steward civilizations through many cycles of transformations always upCREATING.

Should You Play A More Active Role In The Pursuit Of Progress?


The Gottesman Libraries @ Teachers College, Columbia University has invited Matt and Gail Taylor to offer an upCREATION experience inside the new Smith Learning Theater. Few people have impacted the theory and practice of innovation, collaboration and co-design like Matt and Gail. Over the last 40 years, their modeling language and DesignShop methodology have transformed the way organizations, teams, and individuals work together, facilitate change and co-create novelty.

Joining Matt and Gail are Gary Natriello, Professor in Educational Research, Sociology and Education at Teachers College, who directs the Gottesman Libraries, and Maurizio Travaglini, whose work at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and at Harvard Business School has been focused on forging new and advanced leadership development experiences.

Can Others Help Your Quest?


Gail Taylor brings more than five decades of experience in group facilitation, instructional design and experiential learning to Tomorrow Makers. Gail uses a synergistic approach to link diverse parties, dissolve blocks of unhealthy competition, build trust and enable organizations and communities to tap into tacit and entrepreneurial knowledge.

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Matt Taylor has spent 60 years designing, building, facilitating, teaching, writing, researching, as an integrated design practice applied to a wide variety of projects in architecture, construction, graphics, work furniture, alternative futures modeling, work processes, organizational structure and practices, collaborative design, and the configuration and use of complex technology systems for computer/multimedia and buildings.

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Gary Natriello is the Ruth L. Gottesman Professor in Educational Research and Professor of Sociology and Education in the Department of Human Development at Teachers College Columbia University. He teaches graduate courses in the social organization of schools and classrooms, the social dimensions of assessment processes, the sociology of online learning, and research methods.

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Maurizio Travaglini is the founder of Architects of Group Genius, a consulting practice dedicated to helping organizations solve complex problems through “co-design” – a topic that lies within the blurred boundaries of innovation, change, learning, and collaboration.

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Future Ready

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During this upCREATION experience you will explore your own personal “living questions”, as well as new and expansive questions that will invite you to move beyond the boundaries of your current practice and face bigger and more complex challenges — the ones that matter the most to you.

Let us share our own questions, before you engage with yours during an upCREATION experience:

  • How can we build capacity inside communities, networks and organizations for more effective ways to collaborate, learn, create, innovate? How can we facilitate the unfolding of better solutions to critical problems?
  • How do we make communities more resilient and more capable of participating in the creation of their own future, accepting differences, and moving beyond conflict, power and negotiation?
  • How do we involve more people in developing better assumptions about the future of humanity on planet Earth? How do we, collectively, become more conscious of the future possible scenarios and of our ability to influence their unfolding?

You will be part of a larger and more diverse Braintrust, developed with people whose affinities are deeply rooted. You will be a thinker and a designer, a learner and a teacher, a master and an apprentice, a leader and a follower, a dreamer and a doer.

Can You Contribute To A Future That Is Created By Design And Not By Default?

Join Us

An upCREATION experience was originally planned for May 2017 at Teachers College Columbia University.
This first session has been postponed and a new date will be communicated before the summer.